agricultural training

This project will take place over 3 years with the aim of improving access to food, nutrition and economic opportunity for families in Meru County, by enabling women to create sustainable incomes for themselves through farming. This Project has 4 different stages. 

Stage 1

Regional selection - CIFORD and to meet with local government and chiefs in the chosen communities who are invited to take part. A shortlist will be created of selected communities and they will be informed about the project at a public meeting where they can ask questions and find out the benefits.

Stage 2

CIFORD to identify women’s groups in the chosen communities. Regular training sessions* will then be held for 3 months to make sure the women involved are committed to the project. Those who are not engaged in the training but just the potential for receiving donations will be filtered out through this process, leaving only interested groups of women who wish to gain new skills and are willing to commit to the whole course.

*Training includes: Group dynamics, leadership skills, record keeping, developing a constitution and light agricultural training.

Stage 3

Weekly agricultural training commences for the committed women’s groups. Tools, seeds and other resources will be distributed and they will be encouraged to share tools and resources amongst themselves. Further in depth training on agriculture and leadership will be provided monthly for group leaders.

A graduation ceremony will take place for the women on the programme. This will be an opportunity for new prospective participants to be invited along to see the ceremony and ask questions about how to get involved. The women who complete the course will be provided with continued mentorship for 12 months.

We will conduct three surveys with the women we work with: one before we start, one and the end of the training (stage 3) and at the end of the mentorship (stage 4) to assess the long term impact of the training on women’s lives.

Stage 4