Severina Mukoiti

Severina is part of Buri Wendo's Women’s Group in Meru. She works 6 days a week in farming. She's gained an energy efficient stove from CIFORD, has learned kitchen gardening skills and has been able to save money through the merry-go-round scheme. 
Severina says the best thing about having her own income is being able to support her family and paying her children’s school fees without needing to borrow money. 



Beatrice is a proud member of Akaiga women’s group in Meru, she says that she doesn't know where she would be without the support of the group.

CIFORD has taught Beatrice valuable agricultural skills, providing her with the confidence to create her own kitchen garden. 


Rosetta Matheta Karinguri 

Rosetta is 35 years old and has 5 children. Through working with CIFORD, Rosetta has learnt how to farm, make compost and has received her water tank. 
Many members of the community have asked Rosetta for advice on how to farm more productively. Rosetta has shared this knowledge and expertise she has learnt from CIFORD with members of the community. 

Ziphora Mumbi

Ziphora is 73 years old and never went to school when she was younger. She told us that the best thing about her involvement with CIFORD and her women's group is that she can now grow enough food to be self-sufficient and feed her family.

With the income, Ziphora generates from selling her extra produce she has also been able to help pay for her grandchildren’s school uniforms.