Team mum

Let’s support more mums in meru…

Soroptimist International of Great Britain and Ireland and have agreed that additional fundraising should be allocated to our pregnancy support groups in Meru (read below for further info).

Reaching young mums, earlier.

This will mean we can use your support to empower women at a vital stage of their lives - when they first become pregnant. This is a time when women are most in need of extra skills and knowledge (we’ll teach everything from family planning to breastfeeding). They also need support structures around them. Many young mums like Winfred drop out of school when they become pregnant, and find themselves judged and ostracised in their communities. This is the same programme supported by the Department of International Development and public donations through our recent Team Mum appeal.

Margaret and CIFORD (our partners in Meru) are very excited about the potential - you can watch a video of Margaret explaining the aims of these new pregnant women’s groups above.

These groups are an extremely cost-effective way to support more women in Meru. It costs just £25 for to support an isolated young mum like Winfred through a pregnancy support group.

How to get involved?

All you have to do is keep fundraising if you’d also like to support Team Mum - it would be fantastic to host your Day of Action for all of the women and girls in Meru and do one last final push for the project.

You can access Team Mum resources below.



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