Project overview

Meru Womens Garden Project is a 3-year project that aims to create sustainable gardening techniques and tools enabling women to become mentors and pioneers of agricultural sustainability within the community. We also educate girls on their rights, empowering them to stand up to damaging cultural practices like FGM.

By providing economic opportunities to women and girls, MWGP will achieve long term change by strengthening entire communities; improving the lives and opportunities for children and generations to come.

Throughout the entire programme will work with CIFORD to collect data and closely analyse and monitor the impact our work has on the women, their children and the local community. This data will be vital in assessing the effect of the training and will be used to strengthen the programme and help more women in the future.

By collecting regular data and following up with women we work with means more women can benefit in the long term. We will ensure they continue to use the skills and knowledge they have gained to create better futures for themselves and their children.



Baraka - 37 women

Makena - 32 WOMEn

Mutethia - 43 women

Lachathuriu - 34 women

Mwendwa Rii - 48 women and 4 men

A total of 5 groups (198 men and women) have been selected to take part in the Agricultural Training. These groups were chosen based on a variety of factors including commitment to the training, attitudes towards the content and attendance to the initial sessions. These groups were identified as those that would benefit most from the project. The training for these men and women has now started and they are currently in stage 3 of the process with them attending regular training sessions. 



International development charity working across sub-Saharan Africa to help children lead healthy and happy lives through innovative targeted solutions.


Over the next 3 years, SIGBI will be supporting and CIFORD by raising vital funds to help the women and children of Meru.


The facilitators of the project based in Meru County. Margaret, a Soroptimist International member herself, manages the organisation and their aim is to mobilise and improve the local community.